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how awesome is it to have two homes?

how awesome is it to have two homes?

No matter how you spin it, in the beginning splitting your time between two homes is pretty terrifying for a child.  Suddenly they have to spend time in a scary new house where nothing is familiar, not even the little squeaks and sighs that the house makes at night.  None of the dark corners have been explored yet and everything is different to their ‘real home’.  Plus, to their utter horror dad now shares his bed with a stranger so jumping into bed for a cuddle when you’re scared is now just plain weird.  And none of their stuff is here so they feel like a weird visitor.

So no, having two homes is not especially awesome when you’re 8.

To be honest, I don’t really know the answer to this one.  But I felt conscious of how they were feeling right from the beginning so I can tell you what we did to try and make it a bit easier for them.  Which was actually tricky, because we didn’t have much money and Jake (husband) was still setting up the business so work was sporadic and lets face it, doing stuff takes money.  Fortunately, I’m on very intimate terms with Kmart and Gumtree so that made things a bit easier.

In the beginning literally all we had was a big empty rented house with no furniture in it – what remained of our meagre possessions after we sold everything to fund our trip over still had to be shipped from Tassie and even then it was mainly just kitchen stuff and tools – so we had to start from scratch.  That first weekend they were on camp beds and sleeping bags – we didn’t even have pillows for them so they brought their own, which in retrospect was a really good thing (their mum is one smart cookie) because they had something comforting and familiar with them that even smelt like the home they knew and made them feel a bit safer.

As soon as we possibly could we got beds, new bed linen and pillows so that they could start to feel like this home was a bit more permanent and not just a camping style adventure.  We encouraged them to bring toys and books from their mum’s so that they had things that belonged to them at our home as well.  And we put pictures and posters on the wall and hung fairy lights and tried to make it into somewhere they wanted to spend time.  So that’s the superficial-y stuff we did.

The other thing we did was talk to them as often and as openly as we could, acknowledging that it was all new and that we understood that they felt scared in a new house so whatever they needed to feel comfortable, we would do.  Sometimes this meant leaving every light in the house on, or that Jake would sit with them until they fell asleep, or make sure that they had a torch next to the bed if that made them feel safer.  And we explained to them that even though mum and dad didn’t live together anymore and that meant that they had two homes now, we wanted them to think of this as their home too – not just dad and Gwen’s house that they came to every second week.

So it’s a work in progress, but I think the most important part of helping a child feel safe and comfortable with two homes is the thing that’s just constantly happening in the background – time going by.



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  • This is so true! My mum and dad split when I was 13 or so and it was hard. Dad stayed in the house and mum moved out and it was hard to get used to the ideas of two “homes.” The superficial stuff helps more than you know, because you get to have two incredible spaces to spend time in. Allow the kids input and they’ll love it even more! It sounds like you are making it so lovely for them and helping them through which will work miracles, trust me! My mum and dad still don’t talk and there was wars over who got to buy me a new bed and lovely things like that – so you are doing wonderfully and I especially love how poisitive you are about the Mum. Love this!

    • Thanks so much for your insight Annelise, I almost felt when I was writing this post that it sounded a bit silly to focus on superficial stuff like that when they obviously had so many feelings going on with all the changes in their little lives – but I feel better now after your comments about how that kind of thing impacted you when you were a kid too. Thank you for sharing 😊 xx

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