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weekends are for…pancakes of course!

weekends are for…pancakes of course!

When I first started cooking for our kids I was wildly idealistic and determined to only give them healthy choices that I’d spent hours turning into enticing and delicious creations for them.  We all know how that worked out for me.  It became apparent to me very quickly that I’d need to brush up on my pancake-making skills, particularly as every single time I asked Miss 4 what she wanted to eat the answer was always ‘pizza? or pancake?’ said with a ridiculously cheeky smile that is completely impossible to resist.  I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to bring myself to use a pre-made pancake mix – I promise absolutely no judgement on anyone who does use those shake pancake mixes – I totally get that its just so much easier, but I have a thing about making stuff from scratch. Plus it turns out I’m also a glutton for punishment because now that I’ve started only serving homemade pancakes I kind of can’t go back.


So it’s become a bit of a weekend tradition for me to get up while husband and kids are still snoring and enjoy my first coffee in peace while I mix up some pancake batter.  By the time everyone stumbles out to the kitchen I’ve got our weekend tunes cranked up and I have a stack of hot pancakes ready to be smothered in butter and maple syrup and topped with cream, ice cream, banana and choc chips.  For some reason Miss 4 just eats hers completely plain which is a bit weird but we embrace weirdness in this house so we’re more than ok with that!


I have a pretty basic, go-to pancake recipe that I use most of the time and they always work out for me.  You can get it HERE.  There’s a couple of things that I learnt the hard way when it comes to pancakes:

  1. It really matters what kind of pan you use.  Get the best non-stick pan you can afford, it will make a massive difference.
  2. I never put butter in the pan when I’m making pancakes, it sounds risky I know but if your pan is high quality then they won’t stick at all and you’ll end up with those light, fluffy pancakes that are really soft,  dare I say it – like the Macca’s hotcakes.

When I have more time and want to be a bit fancy I make these oatmeal ones over at Bread and Babies Blog, they are just amazing!  Today though, I’m going to try Julie Hoag’s recipe for Butter Pancakes which includes butter in the batter and given how much I love to channel Julia Child when I’m cooking I have a feeling these will also be delicious.


Do you have a go-to pancake recipe that works every time?


3 thoughts on “weekends are for…pancakes of course!”

  • I love pancakes but we rarely have them sadly! I hear you on the shaker bottles! I actually think it’s just as easy to make them up since there aren’t that many ingredients. I love to mix it up and have banana pancakes sometimes. The pan is definitely important too! I can’t believe you don’t use butter though! I might have to invest in an even better pan!!! My favourite pancakes would be ones I don’t have to make at all haha. Ideally from IHOP or Denny’s when we go to the states.

  • Solitary coffee & pancake prep is a beautiful start to the weekend! Thanks for sharing my oatmeal pancakes & have a lovely weekend x

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